As each bill is considered, changes or amendments may be made to the bill either by a committee or by the full chamber. Committee rules and the decisions of the chairperson determine what amendments are considered and how they are adopted. Committee reports must be adopted by the full chamber for the committee amendments to become part of the bill. Parliamentary procedure governs the amendment process in the chambers, and most chamber amendments are made during the bill’s second reading.


Resource Description Alternative Representations
/{session}/amendments All the actions for this session  
/{session}/bills/{bill_name}/versions/{bill_versions}/amendments All the actions for this session  
/{session}/bills/{bill_name}/versions/{bill_version}/amendments/{amendment_id} Detail of a particular amendment application/pdf

Supported Filter Parameters

Parameter Description
date Can be set to find amendments released on a specific date and time along

with minFiledDate and maxFiledDate. Use the format from the ‘publishtime’ field


List the amendments for the COMH version of sb0220.

curl -i \
     -X GET \
     -H "Accept: application/vnd.myiga.v1+json" \
     -H "Authorization: Token my4pp1c4t10nt0k3n" \
    "availableFilters": [],
    "itemCount": 1,
    "items": [
            "name": "SB0220.04.COMH.AMH001",
            "description": "None",
            "state": "F",
            "author": {
                "position_title": "Representative",
                "firstName": "Edward",
                "lastName": "DeLaney",
                "party": "Democratic",
                "link": "/2014/legislators/edward_delaney_988",
                "fullName": "Representative Edward DeLaney"
            "publishtime": "2017-02-13T18:11:25",
            "billVersion": {
                "link": "/2014/bills/sb0220/versions/sb0220.04.comh"
            "link": "/2014/bills/sb0220/versions/sb0220.04.comh/amendments/SB0220.04.COMH.AMH001"
    "revno": 86930

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