Similar to the U.S. government, the Indiana legislature is made up of two chambers: the House of Representatives and the Senate.

The House comprises 100 members elected for two-year terms and is led by the Speaker of the House, who is elected from the body of the membership.

The Senate is made up of 50 members elected for four-year terms. The terms are staggered with half of body facing election every two years. The Lieutenant Governor, who is not one of the 50 members, serves as the president of the Senate. In the Lieutenant Governor’s absence, the Senate is presided over by the President Pro Tempore, who is a member of the body.

The resources below provide both a listing of the available chambers ( for completeness only - this will always be house and senate ) and, at /{session}/chambers/{chamber}, a list of links to sub-resources that filter session scoped resources like bills and legislators based on what chamber they are associated with.


Resource Description Alternative Representations
/{session}/chambers Lists the available chambers, house and senate  
/{session}/chambers/{house|senate} Links to sub-resources for the given chamber  


Provide links to sub-resources assocaiated the ‘house’ in 2014:

curl -i \
     -X GET \
     -H "Accept: application/vnd.myiga.v1+json" \
     -H "Authorization: Token my4pp1c4t10nt0k3n" \
    "name": "House of Representatives",
    "notes": "The House Chamber",
    "legislators": {
        "link": "/2014/chambers/house/legislators"
    "bill-actions": {
        "link": "/2014/chambers/house/bill-actions"
    "bills": {
        "link": "/2014/chambers/house/bills"
    "enrolled": {
        "link": "/2014/chambers/house/bills/enrolled"
    "calendars": {
        "link": "/2014/chambers/house/calendars"
    "journals": {
        "link": "/2014/chambers/house/journals"
    "all-committees": {
        "link": "/2014/chambers/house/committees"
    "standing-committees": {
        "link": "/2014/chambers/house/committees/standing"
    "conference-committees": {
         "link": "/2014/chambers/house/committees/conference"
    "days": {
        "link": "/2014/chambers/house/days"
    "rollcalls": {
        "link": "/2014/house/rollcalls"
    "bill-status-counts": {
        "link": "/2014/chambers/house/bill-status-counts"
    "videos": {
        "current": {
            "link": "/2014/house/videos/chamber"
        "items": {
            "link": "/2014/house/videos"

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