Fiscal Notes

The rules of each chamber require that each bill have an accompanying fiscal note that estimates the fiscal impact on state and local government expenditures and revenues. A fiscal note is updated throughout the legislative process to reflect amendments made to the bill.

In the API fiscal notes are sub-resources of bill versions and as such are linked to from the bill version representation.


Resource Description Alternative Representations
/{session}/fiscal-notes A list of all fiscal notes for this session, this is mostly for completeness, generally the fiscal note will be looked up using the bill representation.  
{session}/fiscal-notes/{bill_version}/{id} A particular fiscal note application/pdf


Fetch the PDF representation of the Fiscal Impact Statement document number 2 for House Bill 1340.

curl -i \
     -X GET \
     -H "Accept: application/vnd.myiga.v1+pdf" \

HTTP Response:


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