Indiana Code

The Indiana Code represents the organized collection of the laws of the state of Indiana. The statutes are coded by Title, Act, Chapter, and Section (TACS). The title is the general subject area (e.g., health, crime, or transportation, etc.), and the act is a major subject area under the title.


Resource Description Alternative Representations
/{session}/ic/titles List of Indiana Code titles  
/{session}/ic/titles/{title_number} Individual Indianca code title with links to articles application/pdf
/{session}/ic/titles/{title_number}/articles List of articles for this title  
/{session}/ic/titles/{title_number}/articles/{article_number} Individual article also contains links to chapters application/pdf
/{session}/ic/titles/{title_number}/articles/{article_number}/chapters List of chapters for given title and article  
/{session}/ic/titles/{title_number}/articles/{article_number}/chapters/{chapter_number} Detail about a particular chapter application/pdf

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