Roll calls

A roll call is a recorded vote of each member of a chamber. Some roll call votes are required by law or chamber rules, but sometimes a chamber member may request a roll call vote to be taken and recorded.

Rollcalls are, similarly to fiscal notes, sub-resources of bills and as such discoverable from the bill version representation.


Resource Description Alternative Representations
/{session}/rollcalls A list of all roll calls this session, this is mostly for completeness, generally the fiscal note will be looked up using the bill representation.  
{session}/rollcalls/{id} A particular roll call application/pdf


Get a particular rollcall:

curl -i \
     -X GET \
     -H "Accept: application/pdf" \
    "target": "SB0316.03.ENGS",
    "chamber": {
        "link": "/2015/chambers/senate",
        "name": "Senate"
    "rollcall_number": "147",
    "results": {
        "yea": 50,
        "nay": "0"
    "revno": 285824,

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