The Indiana General Assembly meets in two regular sessions during a two-year period for the purpose of enacting legislation. The first regular session commences on the first Tuesday after the second Monday in January of an odd-numbered year and must end no later than April 29. The biennial state budget is to be established during this period. The second regular session commences on the first Tuesday after the second Monday in January of even-numbered years and must end no later than March 14. A governor by proclamation may also call a “special” session at any time, which can be represented by the year along with an alphanumeric suffix, such as "2014SP" or "2016ss1" (Both of which are nonexistent, included only for demonstration). The legislature meeting in 2017 and 2018 is the 120th General Assembly.

Certain resources in the API are ‘session-scoped’ that is, a seperate version of them exists for each legislative session. In general identifiers are unique within sessions and not across them, HB1001, for example, refers to a different bill in 2013 than in 2014. There are exceptions however, legislators and committees will have the same identifier across sessions but may have different representations ( which represnt their state at that time ).

The sessions resources below provide links to the these ‘session-scoped’ sub-resources.


Resource Description Alternative Representations
/{session} Links to sub-resources ( bills, legislators etc. ) related to this session  


Get links for sub-resources for the 2014 session:

curl -i \
     -X GET \
     -H "Authorization: Token my4pp1c4t10nt0k3n" \
     -H "Accept: application/vnd.myiga.v1+json" \
    "name": "Second Regular Session 118th General Assembly (2014)",
    "link": "/2014",
    "legislators": {
        "link": "/2014/legislators"
    "videos": {
        "link": "/2014/videos"
    "actions": {
        "link": "/2014/bill-actions"
    "rollcalls": {
        "link": "/2014/rollcalls"
    "chambers": {
        "link": "/2014/chambers"
    "amendments": {
        "link": "/2014/amendments"
    "committees": {
        "standing": {
            "link": "/2014/standing-committees/"
        "conference": {
            "link": "/2014/conference-committees/"
        "interim": {
            "link": "/2014/interim-committees/"
    "collected_acts": {
        "link": "/2014/acts"
    "subjects": {
        "link": "/2014/subjects"
    "noncode": {
        "link": "/2014/noncode"
    "bills": {
        "link": "/2014/bills"
    "code": {
        "link": "/2014/ic/titles"
    "historical-tables": {
        "link": "/2014/historical-tables"
    "revno": 81275

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