The Indiana General Assembly provides access to all the public documents generated in the legislative process, administrative rules, and various other documents through its website located at In November of 2013 the Indiana General Assembly replaced their existing website with a completely redesigned website that provides in-depth, real time access to what happens here at your State House. As part of that process the Legislative Services Agency implemented a REST-style developer-oriented API that allows third party developers to automate and enhance their applications with up to date information about the Indiana General Assembly (“MyIGA Hypermedia API”).

This is the documentation of that API. Read the contents of this page carefully, including the Restrictions and Responsibilities described below, to understand how to be a good API citizen and to understand general restrictions and concerns.

Your use and access to the API is expressly conditioned on your compliance with the policies, restrictions and other provisions related to the API set forth in our API Terms of Service and the other documentation we provide you. If the Indiana General Assembly believes that you have or attempted to violate any term, condition or the spirit of these policies or agreements, your right to access and use the API may be temporarily or permanently revoked.

Change Policy

The Indiana General Assembly may modify the attributes and resources available to the API and our policies related to access and use of the API from time to time without advance notice. We will use reasonable efforts to notify you of any modifications to the API or policies through notifications or posts on the Indiana General Assembly Website.

Modifications and improvements to the API will be bundled and published as a new version. Versions are identified by a major and minor pair of numbers; as an example, consider “1.2”, where the first number, 1, is the major, and the second, 2, is the minor. Please consult the developer documentation information on how to arrange for a specific version of the API to be used for interaction with your client.

Versions that increment the minor number are guaranteed to be backwards compatible with previous versions having the same minor number. However,versions that increment the major number are not guaranteed to be backwards compatible, and may require changes to your client for full compatibility.

The Indiana General Assembly will not be liable to you or any third party for such modifications or any adverse effects resulting from such modifications.

Security and Authentication

Client access is regulated by the API’s authentication and authorization system.

To register for MyIGA Developer Program and receive your free API Token send an email to Please include your fullname, company name (optional), address, phone number and email address.

In order to provide a stateless system, authentication is achieved by the use of an access token, included by the client in each request made to the server. Clients can only communicate with the server by using a secure protocol, such as HTTPS.

After registering with the MyIGA Developer Program, you will be authorized to access the API and provided with an access token, which you are required to keep private and not share with other parties.

Rate Limiting

This API is rate limited; we only allow a certain number of requests per minute. We reserve the right to adjust the rate limit for given endpoints in order to provide a high quality of service for all clients. If the rate limit is exceeded, we will respond with a HTTP 429 Too Many Requests response code and a body that details the reason for the rate limiter kicking in. Further, the response will have a Retry-After header that tells you for how many seconds to sleep before retrying. You should anticipate this in your API client for the smoothest user experience.


The Indiana General Assembly will provide email support for the methods and properties provided with the API. However, our support does not include assistance in writing code and we do not offer general code debugging help.

When asking for support, please be prepared to provide information on your attempts to debug and isolate the problem. For example, we may ask you to provide a simple test case that demonstrates the problem, or ask you to replicate the problem outside of your application. If we cannot diagnose a problem with the API, we may be limited to providing suggestions on how you can debug the application code. We do not support APIs written by third party vendors.

To report bugs in the MyIGA Hypermedia API and to make other suggestions or ask questions, please send an email to